Manuel Arrayás

Room: B008, Edificio Biblioteca, Campus de Fuenlabrada (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) Camino del Molino, s/n, 28943 Fuenlabrada - Madrid, España.
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Welcome to my web page

On this page you can find information about:

Research activities

I did my PhD with Peter McClintock  at  Lancaster University in England on nonlinear dynamics and stochastic processes. I became interested in path integrals, solid state, low temperature physics, computers, and electronics. There I worked on:

Then I got a postdoc position at  Universiteit Leiden  in The Netherlands, and the office at  CWI  with  Ute Ebert. I did research on low temperature plasma physics, and a bit on Brownian ratchet experiment on the surface of HeII, quantum dissipative systems and quantum computing. The papers I wrote there were about:

I have a position since 1-9-2001 at  Universidad Rey Juan Carlos  in Spain. I am working on and/or contemplating:

For current information you can visit the web of the EMFF research group.

Tomorrow...who knows?


Presently I teach first year Physics and Optics and Acoustic. All the information and notes about these undergraduate courses can be found here.

I am also giving a Physics conceptual course at the Universidad de Mayores.


For a list of papers follow this link.

A copy of the book Electromagnetismo, Circuitos y Semiconductores edited in Spanish by the Editorial Dykinson can be obtained here. This is an introductory book for a first course on Electromagnetism, Circuits and Semiconductors, written in collaboration with J.L. Trueba.

Also a draft copy of the book Cómo es nuestro mundo: del átomo al cosmos. edited in Spanish by the Editorial del Orto, Ediciones Clásicas, can be downloaded here. This is about the set of lectures I deliver for a general public since 2002 at the Universidad de Mayores, URJC.

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